Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT

With extensive experience and expertise in the healthcare industry, Scottline has helped healthcare organizations in improving their patient centricity, customer experience, cost reduction and operational efficiencies.

Misallocation of resources in the health sector affects the quality and overall costs of healthcare. In order to increase efficiency in healthcare sector, all the important success metrics across hospitals and regions should be moving in right direction along with company’s goal and vision.

Scottline’s suite of healthcare IT products covers every aspect of healthcare industry, which are advanced and robust that helps healthcare organizations to function more effectively and productively to achieve their goals.

We have helped organizations in:

  • Understanding the importance of revenue cycle optimization and analytics
  • Identifying the process that will enhance the opportunities for improvement
  • Effective financial management
  • Day to day operational analysis

Healthcare Analytics

HealthCare Analytics is Scottline’s innovative product in Healthcare IT industry, which provides remarkable insights of stored hospital data and helps organizations in becoming data driven. Scottline has 15+ years of expertise in healthcare industry across clinical and financial with revenue cycle optimization as our strong domain. All our healthcare resources are HIPAA Certified Professionals.

Scottline Healthcare Analytics encompasses everything from determining patient insurance eligibility and collecting co-pays to properly coding claims using ICD-10. Time management and efficiency play large elements in RCM, and a physician’s or hospital’s choice of an EMR can be largely centered around how their RCM is implemented.

HConnect Mobile App

Scottline’s HConnect is an easy-to-use and on-the-go patient engagement mobile application that allows patients to access health records anytime and anywhere. This revolutionary app serves as the driving force for an effective engagement strategy, providing patients a wealth of self-management capabilities, leading to an improved health education, consistent secure communications capabilities and increased brand loyalty.

Health Connect

Health Connect patient portal is Scottline’s inventive healthcare product, which helps hospitals to improve overall patient satisfaction. It allows patients to fully engage with their demographic, financial and health information through a secure website. The overall patient engagement practices are fully HIPAA compliant.

All the information is messaged to the patients via e-mail, phone, text and the web, offering convenient functionality for patients to keep connected with caregivers. With a patient portal, patients can make appointments and get appointment reminders, view and update personal information, request prescriptions, receive test results, read patient education material, and many more.

Population Analytics

Scottline Population Analytics can be integrated with ease with all major healthcare analytics systems, clinical health information systems, and health information exchanges. It enables health plans, accountable care organizations, hospitals and health systems, and regional health information exchanges to better manage population risk, network management, clinical outcomes, and population health management and patient population messaging and patient engagement – Scottline Health Connect.

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