Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

When it comes to Oil and Gas Industry, Scottline is one of the leading providers of software products to the upstream & midstream companies. Our two innovative IT products – Rig reporting and drilling performance dashboard are extremely robust, efficient and effective for driving optimum performance and business results.

Scottline’s pioneering products helps organizations to generate the greatest profitability, production and productivity from existing assets. Additionally, we also provide ASERT training series and a full spectrum of IT staffing services for oil and gas organizations.

Drilling Performance Dashboard

Drilling Performance Dashboard is Scottline’s revolutionary product, which provides comprehensive analytics data on one single dashboard. All the performance information can be delivered and viewed on multiple platforms i.e. email, web browser, iPad and mobile device. It provides a holistic approach for managing business performance to achieve a single view of the company.

The timely information will not only assist organizations in continuous improvement but also enhances optimal decision-making to make them proactive and “information agile.” This product is made exclusively for operators, managers, leadership team and top executives to make correct decisions on day-to-day drilling operations.

Rig Reporting

Rig Reporting is a comprehensive and robust business intelligence application that provides valuable and comprehensive details on drilling permits, drilling activity, and drilling rig locations. It significantly reduces the response time as well as the cost and provides better visibility to IT about the problematic areas such as components, messages, customers, and vendors.

This product automates data loading and integrates the information that is captured by the connectors or adaptors at each level. Moreover, it also provides better visibility to businesses and makes them take actions before customer follows up. Easy to use front end and dashboards for each functional area helps oil and gas companies to stay one step ahead of their competition.

ASERT Training Series

The ASERT Oil & Gas Series boasts more than 60 environmental, health and safety online safety training courses targeted in both content and context specifically to petroleum exploration, production and transportation activities.

The ASERT Oil & Gas Series was created to specifically address the conditions and risks relevant to petroleum exploration and production. Each dynamic, competency-based environmental, occupational health and safety-training course are targeted to employees in the oil and gas industry.

This series of training is based on API, AESC, and IADC guidance, as well as OSHA’s published guidance. The training employs simulations, situational examples, and imagery relevant to exploration and production operations.

Staffing services in Oil & Gas Sectors

Since oil and gas sector undergoes significant technological, process, and environmental changes, they require appropriate candidates to work on the new innovative projects. We at Scottline, go an extra mile in understanding our client’s business clearly to fulfill their required staffing resource requirements.

Our strong employment base in this sector makes us one of the most-preferred IT staffing companies in the world. Companies rely on our purposeful and responsible recruitment of potential workers because our meticulous technical screening, reference checks, and pre-project orientation enables companies to select from qualified and capable potential employees.

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