Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services

Scottline Medical Billing Services team is one of its kind with both technical and functional experience team, which is experienced over 18+Years in handling a large variety of services. Medical billing is always over whelming with constant changes to the Healthcare System and with ICD-10 coming into picture there is lot of ambiguity in the current billing and reimbursement challenges…by out sourcing your billing, we come in as part of your extended team to handle these challenges with the most highly experience and trained/certified [ICD10] billing team, so your medical staff can focus on the most important part which is “Patient Care”.

Scottline Medical is one of the best known in the industry for its accountability that you can be sure to count on to handle your billing needs in an accurate and timely manner.

Exclusive competencies of our Medical Billing Team:

  • 18+Years of experience in Medical Billing.
  • Complete experienced off-shore/on-site working model.
  • Exposure and Experience in multitude of specialties.
  • Excellence in performance with 99.5% Accuracy and > 98% of Quality.
  • Communication and follow-up is one of our key attributes to our success.
  • Accountability: Through Scottline Analytics/Dashboard application CFO/BO Director has clear transparency to the financial side of the practice/Hospital.
  • Detail oriented: One of the key characteristics for a Medical Biller is ability to pay attention to the minute detail, which could make a huge difference in reimbursement.
  • HIPAA Certified: All the Staff personnel are HIPAA & Compliance Certified and they are discrete to PHI.
  • 100% adherence to compliance policies.
  • Analytical capabilities: All the staff is trained 100% analytical approach to understand and quickly analyze the reimbursement methodology, which would help them during negotiation process with respective payers to maximize the Reimbursement.
  • EMR / EHR Trained: we have trained 100% of our staff on 80% of the top EMR/EHR Systems on both Technical and functional side to support and switch as per client requirements seamlessly.
  • Professional in communication: Billing and Collection Staff are trained to make sure they are ready to communicate both oral and written with a wide variety of people, payer staff and patients.
  • Aggressive follow-up with respective payers to collect maximum possible allowed amount.
  • Maximum denial reversal with optimized denial management system.
  • Experience in both Paper and Manual billing on both Hospital, Professional and Home health billing.

Advantages of Out Sourcing Medical Billing:

  • Consistent Cash Flow: The strategic billing approach and 4 Quadrant approach keeps the cash flow uninterrupted and helps to achieve the cash goals/targets.
  • Cost Saving: General there is a cost saving for staff benefits and training needs, as well on Software and Hardware requirements and continued education for billing staff.
  • Communication: Scottline 24/7 Support model supports providers, payers and patients on any billing/follow-up Questions.
  • No Vacation/Sick or Downtime: Scottline is staffed to continue the billing process at all times.
  • Trained 100% to support both ICD-9 and ICD-10 Billing.

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