Since IT industry is ever changing, the demand for effective and robust solutions is always on the rise. To cater to our client’s needs, Scottline takes a strategic approach towards providing efficient business solutions that not only meets our client’s need but also help them to scale their business.

With years of proven experience and expertise, Scottline is one of the best business solutions companies in the world. This page lists some of the products developed by Scottline in the industries of oil and gas, healthcare, financial services, life sciences, telecommunications, entertainment, government and retail:

  1. Healthcare Financial Analysis
  2. Rig Reporting
  3. Drilling Performance Dashboard
  4. Safety Training
  5. Cocktail Commerce
  6. Healthcare analytics
  7. Health Connect
  8. Population Analytics
  9. HConnect Mobile App

From product conceptualization to design & development to implementation and support, Scottline provide comprehensive business solutions under one roof.

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