Drilling Performance Dashboard

Drilling Performance Dashboard

Drilling Performance Dashboard is Scottline’s revolutionary product in the oil and gas industry, which provides comprehensive analytics data on one single dashboard. All the performance information can be delivered and viewed on multiple platforms i.e. email, web browser, iPad and mobile devices.

The multitude of dashboards provides a holistic approach for organizations in managing business performance and improving decision making to achieve a single view of the company. The timely and practical information will assists in continuous improvement in the organization. It further enhances the optimal decision-making of organizations by making them proactive and “information agile.”

This product will assist operators, managers, leadership team and top executives in making appropriate decisions on day-to-day drilling operations. It will extract data from open wells and other drilling operational software systems securely on one single dashboard.

Enabled with core data metrics and key performance indicators, organizations can review, analyze, and determine drilling performance in wells. It provides a platform for our clients to achieve their business goals that are aligned to their strategic and operational objectives besides monitoring and managing drilling performance.



Authority of Expenditures

Our AFE dashboard provides oil and gas companies with a centralized solution to manage the AFE process and it is the best way to control your organization's expenditures. It provides rich data of AFE Utilization per Hole vs. Interval, Top 5 Contractors by AFE, AFE vs. Actual and Total Well Construction.


Drilling Performance Dashboard

The dashboard has multitude of timely analytics, which help organizations to quickly view the performance of the drilling in the wells such as well nonproductive time history, drilling performance, mud loss, on bottom efficiency, total RIH time, and casing and cementing time. Organizations can easily configure the dashboards based on their importance and create reports exactly the way they want them.

Non Productive Time

This feature presents rich and detailed statistics of Non Productive Time in wells based on cost, categories and 12 months time-period. This data will help organizations in educing NPT for future drilling operation.


Rate of Penetration

The ROP feature focusses on Rate of Penetration and Number of Rotating as well as Sliding hours for active well and historic wells. It also provides 12 Months Trending data for Average Rate of Penetration and On Bottom Efficiency for active well.


Ease of use

  • Quick view of performance and drill down to detailed data
  • Provides easy navigation to more detailed data and analytical capabilities


  • Visual representations to easily explore and compare values and seeing pattern among values
  • Users can be saved from running reports needlessly

Distribution Method

  • Email, iPad and Mobile as predefined schedule frequency
  • Customized secured portal access through web browser

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