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Scottline Healthcare Analytics

We are a renowned company in Healthcare Analytics and Revenue Cycle Optimization. Scottline Healthcare Analytics delivers the results oriented solutions that client needs to improve Care Quality and access while reducing costs and maximizing the Return of Investment. We provide leading edge solutions for performance improvement through data Integrity, advanced analytics and domain expertise. Our data driven insights and solutions have been improving the performance of the hospitals, Physician practices and clinics to achieve their quantitative financial goals.

We empower our Clients to make effective and buoyant decisions by

  • Understanding the needs and providing the clear apparition of all constituencies
  • Integrating various sources of data and providing one fact based vision.
  • Building smart analytics applications with industry leading edge technologies
  • Consulting Services provides long term and short term solutions to evidently drive the cash/ROI
  • Services will enhance the efficacy of our Services and revolutionary analytics application.

Scottline’s Healthcare Analytics include the following four attributes as a product

  • Revenue Cycle Analytics
  • Physician Analytics
  • Clinical Analytics
  • Population Analytics

Revenue Cycle Analytics (Optimization)

No more wasted time, unproductive effort or backed-up workflow. We can help you literally revolutionize the way you manage your revenue cycle with the below advantages:

  • Analytics on the go – The power of Scottline Analytics is to view the Dashboard on Smart Phones, iPad or any Smart devices through a highly Secured and Encrypted protocol
  • Have a 360 degree view of your complete Out Standing Inventory through our Scottline Visualize Analytics
  • Prioritize outstanding claims by Age and Financial Class
  • Four Quadrant approach for all the open Inventory – Unique way of handling complete inventory
  • Accelerate your revenue cycle and cash flow with intuitive Scottline Analytics
  • Predictive analytics to forecast the Cash Projections [Waterfall model Analysis]
  • Automatically prioritize your workflow which enables positive patient interactions and directs work at the right time and for the right account
  • Implement a denial and appeals management system
  • Significantly increase your productivity and Performance across organization
  • Remove data silos and create transparency to inhibit strategic decision making
  • Healthcare performance Benchmarking analysis – provided on demand
  • Bottom-line: We are here to help you make Money to maximize the ROI

Physician Analytics

Scottline physician Analytics helps medical group practice organization and health systems to evaluate physicians and physician group practices regarding productivity, profitability and efficiency in one automated, concise and graphical application.

Our physician Analytics allows administrators, physicians and practice leaders to identify, monitor and react quickly to issues that could harm the group’s profitability and performance.

Scottline physician analytics provides comprehensive Physician Productivity and Performance Analytics. Scottline physician analytics uses a very contemporary normalized Relative Value Unit (RVU) reporting to evaluate physician productivity. Scottline Physician Analytics tool allows organizations to gain effectively use RVUs as a comparative tool not only for gauging productivity but also for evaluating the effectiveness of rate negotiations and tracking volume trends in clinical services—ultimately providing a much crisper view into a medical practice’s clinical activity.

Scottline Physician Analytics – Sample of measures include:

  • Productivity Analysis: Quick snapshot of service shifts from year to year, the numbers also can point to problems that require further analysis.
  • Payment per RVU: Reports shows percentage changes in payments per RVU at the physician group level and payments per reimbursement category (i.e., payer group), respectively.
  • Physician work RVU: Each CPT® code is targeted for review at least every five years to determine the work RVU for a particular service and consider if it remains the same as the value previously set.

Clinical Analytics

Scottline Clinical Analytics software represents a new data-driven approach to helping you develop, maintain and optimize clinical data through approach/data driven Clinical Analytics.

Scottline Clinical Analytics is a software solution designed and integrated with dynamic Data warehouse concepts to capture, and transform masses of data in order to improve patient care and care coordination, enable medical centers to improve financial performance, and expose opportunities for achieving breakthroughs in clinical practice. The solution allows physicians and medical centers to be self-reflective, using existing data to drive continuous quality improvement.

The following are the features of Scottline Clinical Analytics solution:

  • Time to Event: The solution has a unique ability to track and analyze time-related events such as time in range and time to survival. When combined with event collections, cohorts can be studied over time.
  • Reusable Research Objects: The solution creates reusable research objects that allow transparent and self-documenting recapitulation of research methods and effectively automate the documentation of methods.
  • Compose and Manage Complex Logical Operations in relation to Time: A major differentiator is this solution’s strong and flexible User Interface for composing and managing complex, nested conditions in time.
  • Guide Inferences Using Statistically Sound Confidence Levels: Built-in statistics provide users with epidemiologic insight (models, p-values, confidence limits) for high-level inference.
  • Filter and Pivot Data at Will: Patient groups and appended analytic data can be viewed in aggregate in the form of a data cube or pivot—on-demand, and provides users with an interactive viewer.
  • Rapidly Iterate: Build multi-dimensional queries on the fly; create drag-and-drop visual rules, end-user reports, and custom analytics
  • Reduce Reliance on IT Resources: Scottline Clinical Analytics eliminates the need to compete for the availability of IT resources in order to create new functionality and to view information from multiple vantage points.
  • Plugs Easily Into Any IT Environment: Scottline Clinical Analytics is built on an open architecture, exposing Web Services, component-based, and designed for integration with legacy systems and environments.

Population Analytics

Scottline Population Analytics Solution provides an integrated powerful platform

Scottline Population Analytics can be integrated with ease with all major healthcare analytics systems, clinical health information systems, and health information exchanges. Scottline Healthcare Solutions offers best-in-class healthcare Analytics Solution on Big data and enables decision-support capabilities.Scottline Population Analytics enables health plans, accountable care organizations, hospitals and health systems, and regional health information exchanges to better manage population risk, network management, clinical outcomes, and population health management and patient population messaging and patient engagement – Scottline Health Connect.

Population and Risk Analytics Solution

Scottline can help you get quick Populations and Risk Analytics solutions to few greatest Healthcare challenges in today’s Healthcare industry

Scottline Analytics Solution applies advanced unique analytical methodologies to some of current Healthcare Industry requirements including:

  • Population risk management
  • Provider network management
  • Clinical outcomes management
  • Population healthcare management
  • Patient population engagement and messaging

*All our product exclusives can also be monitored through our Scottline HConnect Mobile application.

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