Rig Reporting

Rig Reporting

As a trusted source of information, the oil and gas industry has been relying on Scottline’s product – Rig Reporting for daily drilling rig reports. It is a comprehensive and robust application that provides valuable and comprehensive details on drilling permits, drilling activity and drilling rig locations.

All the detailed reports on Rig Reporting allow industry professionals to more efficiently perform the following tasks:

  • Identify new sales leads
  • Acquire detailed drilling information
  • Source current contacts
  • Measure market share

Information Integration Rig Reporting product:

  • Addresses the issues with the silo approach
  • Provides visibility to IT, internal and external business users
  • Better understand business operations and control costs.
  • Shipment Details – Dashboard
  • Endor Payment Analysis
  • A/R, A/P Expenses Report


  • In sourcing Data
  • Order Management (AR, AP, Sales Orders, Spares)
  • Purchasing
  • Product Line Analysis
  • Process Improvement Metrics
  • Rig Master Reports
  • Custom Dashboards

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