Ingenie Chatbot

Ingenie is an intelligent digital assistant chatbot which can be customized on various domains and tailored to the business needs. Its advanced ability recommends the right products and solutions to consumers visiting a website, App, or portal benefitting in lead generation and customer onboarding assistance.

  • Recommending the Right Product is a Challenge

    According to statistics, there is a chance of 15% - 17% customer loss during negotiations due to a business’s resources not being aware of changes to products and services. The main challenge is keeping your teams informed of the new release as well have an effective go-to-market strategy. Tedious and time-consuming training for your teams can cause an unnecessary amount of downtime for marketing.

    Ingenie has its brain in the cloud which means rolling out a new or change on a product and service can easily be accomplished. It asks questions based on the customer intent and provides a recommendation based on decision tree and semantics-based filtering. Ingenie, suggests the right product and gets increasingly smarter as more customers use it, giving you a competitive edge to better customer service while minimizing marketing downtime.

  • Ingenie as Lead Generator

    Lead generation is a common challenge for business; nearly half of marketers consider generating high quality sales leads as their main business challenge. With online shopping at consumers fingertips today, it is essential for your business to have 24/7 sales support. Another challenge is having a game winning strategy once the lead is generated. Statistics say 60% of lead loss is due to unavailability and history tracking of what was discussed during the initial conversation.

    Ingenie addresses the lead generation challenge by acting as a 24/7 digital sales assistant for your business; by engaging potential or existing customers when visiting your business website or App. Since it recommends products and services in real-time, anytime, Ingenie will boost your online shopping experience and increase your customer conversion. Ingenie can accomplish this by capturing the customer information and notifying the right person for follow up providing the context with chat history. We’ve automated the process of data capturing and then uploading the information in Salesforce through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which provides a high-quality lead for your business to strategically approach.

  • Customer Onboarding Challenge

    In a competitive marketplace, customer onboarding is a critical process with a high focus on efficiency in order to reduce customer churn for maintaining maximum profitability. There are countless strategies in place for overcoming customer implementation challenges, yet many are not scalable or achievable. Clients can expect a 20% increase in operational efficiencies and productivity gains in their onboarding and client management processes, mainly through the elimination of and reduction in duplicative work and manual steps, and by re-assigning people to other tasks.

    Ingenie, a smart engine, helps reduce manual labor at the beginning of the customer lifecycle. When a customer is ready to purchase, Ingenie will know to obtain the appropriate information to auto-fill any required documents. If required approvals are needed in order to onboard; Ingenie will send an email to the respective officer further automating this process.